Basic Types of Golf Bags and Their Function

Golf bags are every golfer’s best friend. They make sure that all your golfing needs are safe and with you wherever you go. The best thing to consider when choosing a golf bag is functionality. Here are the most popular types of golf bag and their uses.

The staff bag is superb in terms of the amount of golfing equipment that it can carry. It is usually used by professional golfers whenever they are on tour. Staff bags are also designed by popular sports brands, so looks won’t be an issue. Staff bags usually weigh about 10 pounds. Therefore, these are definitely designed for golfers who have personal caddies. Although this kind of bag is on the heavy side, it is still preferred by a lot of professional golfers because of its durability and large storage space.

Golf bagsAnother type of golf bag is the cart bag. A cart bag is designed to be carried using a golf push cart. Although it is lighter than the staff bag, it is still not the best option for golfers who spend their time walking around the golf course. Cart bags usually weigh at around 6-7 pounds but are still not comfortable to manually carry on the back. These also have straps that can be attached to golf push carts. The bags also come with a rubber base that prevents them from sliding off while the golf cart is moving.

Stand bags are golf bags that have retractable legs. This kind of golf bag can stand upright when its functional legs are extended on the ground. This makes it easier for the golfer to gain access on any type of golfing equipment while playing. Since the legs are retractable, they can snuggly fit against the bag when they are not in use. This is the perfect bag for golfers who prefer to walk. They are also designed with backpack-style straps. Stand bags usually weigh 5 pounds and some are even lighter. There are also stand bags that are equipped with hip pads that prevent them from putting too much pressure on the back.

If you don’t want to bring heavy golf bags, your best option is the carry bag. The carry bag is the lightest among all types of golf bag. Its weight is only around 2 pounds. It is made of light materials and have fewer pockets than other types of golf bag. Carry bags are usually used by casual golfers because these only carry the most essential golfing equipment. However, they are also designed with pockets to carry extra golf balls, tees and gloves.

There are also golf bag covers that you can buy to protect your golf bag. They are usually padded so that they can protect your golf bag during transit. They are also equipped with in-line skate wheels that makes it easier to transport your golf bag. Golf bag covers also have additional pockets that you can use as extra storage. These are perfect for golfers who usually travel and check-in their equipment at the airport.

Now that you have an idea about the different kinds of golf bags, it is time to determine the kind of golfer you are. You must find out whether you are a rider- or a walker-type of golfer. It will also help you choose which golf bag to buy if you have a clear idea on how often you’ll be playing and which kind of course you’ll usually be in. To put it simply, these factors will help you to determine the functionality that you need in order to achieve a hassle-free golfing experience.

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