Appliques as a Type of Iron On Patches

Hearing the term iron on patches leaves an impression that they are the usual military and biker patches used for patching or labeling. However, searching online will also show you the term applique. Appliques can be considered as an iron-on patch type although they have differences from the ones people often use.

What are Appliques?

Appliques are also used as embellishments on clothing. They are often placed on elegant clothing like bridal dresses and other fashionable apparel. Usually, appliques are stitched manually on clothes. However, they fall under the category of iron on patches because several of them are available with heat-activated glue. Users can easily embellish their clothes by using heat produced by irons. Elegant appliques are available and usually made from lace or embroidered pieces. The adhesive glue is set on the opposite side of the applique to ensure easy application.

Similarities with Regular Patches

A similarity with regular patches aside from using heat-activated adhesive is the availability of a wide array of designs according to what people need. Bridal gown appliques come in various patterns that will highlight the dress’ design. With all the colors available, buyers can accent their clothing based on their needed designs.

Another similarity is that appliques can be custom made according to the client’s order.

Differences from Commercial Patches

iron on patchesAppliques’ main difference from commercial iron on patches is they are usually elegantly design. They are often made from lace cutouts or specially embroidered pieces that will suit elegant dresses.

Aside from using premium fabrics, some appliques also come with crystal studs and beads to make accenting faster. Users don’t need to place these extra accents themselves as they come with the main applique.

Due to the differences in materials, users need to follow specific patching procedures according to included accents.

Patching Process

The patching process is virtually the same, but users need to follow specific instructions to ensure heat won’t damage both fabric and applique. If the applique is going to be placed on delicate fabrics like those used for bridal dresses, the iron’s heat setting should be set to lower temperature. Users, however, need to press the iron longer on the applique to ensure the glue will melt and it will stick properly on the clothing.

In the case of studded appliques, users need to use a pressing cloth, which is not necessary for commercial iron on patches. The pressing cloth will protect the studs from absorbing heat directly from the iron. They tend to break or melt easily when subjected from excessive heat. Beads will also melt and stick on the iron, which will affect the tool’s performance.

Turning the garment inside out and applying heat on it is also important to melt the glue directly. Use the same pressing cloth to keep the glue from sticking to the iron.

Apart from this, users simply need to follow the general rule of placing iron-on patches like not using fabric softener and steam.

Benefits of Iron on Appliques

The iron-on applique’s benefits are virtually the same as those of commercial patches. They guarantee convenient patching, which translates into a faster way of accenting clothing for styling purposes.

Although mainly used as embellishments, appliques can also be used for as patch for clothes. It’s difficult to patch dresses, but appliques’ materials will blend with the clothing well and make sure the wardrobe accident won’t be as noticeable.

Appliques are also affordable despite their elegant designs. Buyers can also compare a number of options to find out the best designs for their clothing.

Without a doubt, appliques are also considered as iron on patches as long as they use the same heat-activated glue. They can be purchased online and placed easily by following the same procedures. Place them with extra caution to ensure both fabric and appliques are safe from heat-triggered damage.

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