Definitive Styles of Content Writers

Many think that a writer is an author of a book or a contributor in magazines and newspapers. However, that is not always the case. For most writers, their job isn’t about writing poetry, literature, articles, blogs, etc. Most of them continuously seek fields where they can showcase their talents and express their deepest thoughts.

Well, there a lot of sites where one can send or publish his or her work freely, making it accessible to the general public. Some sites offer a freelance writing job. Content writing is one of the various branches of writing where one’s creative skills are really needed. Content writers are not confined to being content writers, as they may also be any of the following:


Ghostwriting is one of the most popular jobs today because not everyone can write a well-structured article that will make it to the market. Most companies seek help from professional and well-experienced writers. A ghost writer is also a content writer, however, in ghost writing, the writer creates content for someone else. That person will not give any credit to the real writer because he or she will own the piece, placing it under his or her name. You can expect that as a ghost writer, you will sign a disclaimer and a contract to state that you will not own any rights on what you write.

2.Technical writer

Content writerSome texts are really hard to understand and are not suitable for some readers who have difficulty reading and comprehending long texts. This dilemma created a demand for technical writers. A technical writer needs to be patient in going through this long text. He should have excellent skills in writing because this kind of writer is tasked to simplify complex information. The writer needs to use simple words and make sure that the construction of paragraphs will not cause any confusion. How-to and list-type articles are mostly done by a technical writer.

3.Web content writer

A web content writer is one who writes for a website which is usually used for sales and advertising purposes. Review and “third party” sites are often focused on by web content writers. These writers need to know the readers of the website so that they will be able to churn out good content – the kind that effectively persuades, turning mere readers into spending customers. Web content writers should be skilled in constructing the content of the website as well as in doing SEO, so that the readers will easily find the site through search engines.

4.Press release writer

A press release writer is one who attends to press releases of different businesses that aim to give updates and/or reports. A press release writer needs to be alert and attentive because he or she will be the one to relay the updates to the general public through his or her writing. The writer should be precise in writing about the developments of the business enterprise so that the readers won’t doubt the press release’s accuracy and truthfulness. Likewise, the enterprise will appreciate his or her work.

These are writers who do content writing but in different ways and thus, they may be referred to as kinds of content writers. Today, there may be a lot more kinds, because writers also continue to become innovative, creative, and passionate. In relation to that, companies are seeking more and more professional writers that may just be able to attend to their needs.

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